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The Coletivo team comprises top-quality, highly competent interpreters. We provide all types of interpreting and translation services with discretion, professionalism and linguistic precision.

We strive to offer all language combinations you need in your event, and whenever necessary, we invite external partners who master other languages to complete the team.

We work mainly in the cities of São Paulo and Campinas, but we are available to work in other cities in Brazil and abroad. We also have partners in major Brazilian cities, which can improve the cost effectiveness and decrease the carbon footprint of your event.

Serviços prestados:

Simultaneous Interpreting

Also known as simultaneous translation, in this interpreting type the professional delivers their interpretation of what is said by the speaker while listening and processing the next message. Interpreters work inside a soundproof booth where they listen to the speaker through headsets and deliver the message in the target language. The message is then be sent to receivers that are provided to listeners.

Simultaneous Interpreting is used in conferences, scientific events, training programs in companies, webinars, financial reports, sales conventions, press conferences, and market research, to mention a few, in events with more than one foreign language.

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Consecutive Interpreting

In Consecutive Interpreting, the interpreter sits close to the speaker, listens to what is said for a short period of time, and then delivers the message in the target language. No equipment is used in this type of interpreting.

It is indicated for short events with few participants, such as negotiation meetings, meetings between government officials, and opening ceremonies.

Whispering Interpreting or Chouchoutage

In Whispering Interpreting, the interpreter sits very close to the listener and delivers their interpretation in the target language in a quiet voice while the speaker speaks, thus it is simultaneous interpreting without the support of the booth or any device. It is only feasible when there are two listeners at the most.

It is indicated for meetings between heads of state, government officials or executives who participate of short meetings in which it is not possible to have a booth or any portable devices.

Liaison Interpreting

The Interpreter escorts the client to visits, site inspections, audits, business lunches or external meetings. Interpreters may use portable equipment (hyperlink) for simultaneous translation, or work in consecutive or whispering mode, according to the features of the event.

Portable Equipment

This equipment comprises a set of microphones and transmitters both for interpreters and speakers, besides receivers for listeners. It is ideal for situations in which participants move around and when it is impossible to set the full simultaneous interpretation system.

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Our professionals offer quality translation services for scientific papers, abstracts, power point presentations and others. Some of our members are also certified translators, qualified to translate official documents (passport, ID, certificates, professional qualification, legal and commercial texts, school certificates and diplomas).

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